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Aran Cardigan, revisited.

Delivery of the pattern for the Aran Cardigan is detailed a few days, as it remains with the proof reader. I have extended to pre-order period until November 1.  So, for the next 10 days you may purchase the pattern for $3.99.  The sweater is available in sizes S-XL and 2XL-4XL. Check out Hookerbear Creations for more details.


Aran Cardigan

The pattern for the Aran Cardigan, based upon my Aran Pullover, is now available for pre-order at Hookerbear Creations in sizes S-XL and 2XL-5XL. The pattern will be delivered on or before 10/20/10.


Fight for Air Walk – Treasure Island, San Francisco

Today I walked 3 miles.  “Big deal!”, you say. Well, for me, it was a very big deal.  Ten years ago, the simple act of climbing one flight of stairs was excruciating, depriving me of air. The three mile walk today was my marathon, my declaration than asthma will not defeat me.

Today I walked for my mother who died from asthma 29 years ago. She did not have the advantage of the many drugs which keep me functioning and thriving. For her, there was no walking at all; the shortest of distances left her incapacitated. No available treatment helped her. Finally, there was nothing left to do and she quietly passed from us at the age of 58.

Today I walked for those millions and millions of children who are diagnosed every year with asthma, one in every ten in the US, who cannot breathe because of second-hand smoke, industrial burn-off and car exhaust.  Today I walked for all those suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), who daily face the challenge of finding the next breath. Today I walked to honor those many worldwide who, for lack of immunization,  still contract tuberculosis at alarming rates.

Today I walked for life. And I will walk again.

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