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A Man Who Crochets

Learning to crochet was not difficult for me…once I got over my fear of failure and realized that it was NOT rocket science. Although, I must admit, that my initial struggle with a crochet pattern prompted me to wish for some sort of Rosetta Stone to translate the gibberish.  But, before long, it began to make sense.  That which made no sense one day became a matter of course the next.  I dare say that now there is nothing I will not tackle.  I’m not saying that I enjoy every stitch in every pattern I crochet (I ABHOR hdc!!!!!!), but I’ve yet to find an instruction I could not follow.

Now, I am not a boastful person and my reflection here is not to inflate my worth on the planet.  I simply want to illustrate that, against many odds; I learned to do something that I always believed was beyond my grasp.  I have become proficient in a craft my mother was reluctant to share with me.  I regret she did not live long enough to see my work.  But, perhaps, it is just as well.  She was a woman of her time when gender identities were strong and intransigent.  Perhaps, it is just as well.

Because the vast majority of crocheters are women, most of the apparel patterns available are for women.  Most designers and publishers cater to the obvious majority.  Many of the new subscribers to the Men Who Crochet Yahoo group tell me, with their request to join the group, that they are looking for patterns for men or that they are interested in finding out what men want to crochet for themselves or others.  Since some of our members are designers, I find this to be an encouraging sign of good things to come.

I belong to a number of crochet groups online.  As a matter of habit, many of the listers start their posts with “hello ladies”, or some such salutation.  I used to be offended and express my outrage at being overlooked and excluded.  I would contend that it was not a major imposition to expect folks to think before they wrote in order to be inclusive.  Well, I have given up that fight.  I have been flamed into submission.  I will rest, convinced that such things will never change as long as crochet is regarded as “women’s work”.  I will instead concentrate my energies on enlisting more and more men to join us happy hookers.  It is only when more men are visible and vocal that we will be regarded among the many.  We don’t want to take over, y’all.  We just want to be one of you.

From a Man’s Perspective

Ten Things I Have Learned:

10.  In a pinch, a K hook makes an adequate swizzle stick.

09.  Black is not necessarily black.

08.  The row where you do not count stitches will be the row with the mistake.

07.  “No Dye Lot” means “You’re on your own”

06.  Black is not necessarily black

05.  Gauge is a destination, not a journey.

04.  That row you just frogged will take twice as long to complete the second time around.

03.  No matter how valiant your attempt at order, that row you just frogged will wind up in a tangled mess on the floor.

02.  Black is not necessarily black.

01.  It is entirely possible to be a hooker while remaining completely clothed.


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