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Perhaps the curtain falls…

For thirty years I have sung with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. I have weathered good times and bad with the chorus. I have sung concerts I loved; I have endured music which I found not to my liking. Despite personal feelings towards a variety of directors, it never occurred once to me to abandon the chorus over personality. Indeed, only a few weeks ago I was finally able to share my music with my family.

It is disturbing to me, and, to be honest, quite incomprehensible, that I have, of recent days, been feeling the need for separation. Perhaps it is a waning energy level of which I keenly became aware during the most recent concert experience. Maybe, I am “passed it” and that it is time to make room for younger singers. Or, is it just a case of losing interest? I don’t know. Another day may bring a new perspective. Today I’m just tired of it all.


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