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Believe it or not!

Tasteless, yet true story.
So yesterday I’m standing in front of my scale, just to the right of the porcelain goddess, in anticipation of weighing myself. I had lowered my pants, but stopped in the process of removing them, distracted by a cobweb in the bathroom window. I, thereupon, forgot where I was standing and what was my task at hand¬† and, feeling the urge to go, set about to pee all over my scale.
Old age: not for the faint of heart.

Silence is Consent

When the debate on same sex marriage began some years ago, I expressed no opinion for it seemed the issue was one I was unlikely to ever confront. Given my less than stellar performance in maintaining relationships, getting married was WAY down on my list of things to do before I die. But, as the arguments formed, I realized that this didn’t have to be about me, personally. What affects my queer brothers and sisters,¬† affects me also, if not immediately and intimately.

Folks, listen very carefully. This is NOT about GAY rights. It never has been. This is about EQUAL, HUMAN rights. What is the Homosexual agenda? It is the pursuit of happiness and EQUAL (not special) protection under the law. Nothing else. My best years may be behind me, I may not be ideal marriage material, but I’ll be damned if I will stand on this earth as an unequal inhabitant and be denied that which mine by birth. SILENCE IS CONSENT!

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