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Shimmering Shells

I have completed work on the women’s top design.


(Click on photo for larger image)

This is the project on which I am using the custom, hand-dyed wool/silk fingering weight yarn. Well, not actually fingering. In reality, I used a double strand of lace weight. NOT RECOMMENDED!!! But, in the end, it was equivalent to fingering. I REALLY love this yarn and I recommend that you check out the website, Machine Knitting to Dye For. The owner, Nancy Roberts, is an incredible artisan. I visited her studio in nearby Albany when I chose the fiber and colors for my yarn. She employs an unusual process for dying the  yarn. Well, check out the website. She explains it all much better than I can. The pattern will be avaiable in sizes XS-L within a week, or so. I will consider doing plus sizes in there is an interest. Let me know.

Next on my plate is to finish the other top I have been working on in cotton fingering. This will be offered first in plus sizes, smaller sizes to follow as I have time. I have to make  major revisions to the Basket Weave Pullover Vest, so I may still be a few weeks more getting that off my hook. I’ll let you know.


Angels in my life

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of two special people, I am still afloat and the prospects are much better that I will manage to maintain all lines of communication. I cannot begin to accurately relate  to you just how stressful the situation had become.  Still, when the hour seemed darkest, I found a light of hope. I will forever be grateful to those who came to aid and to all who sent love and best wishes. You are all angels in my life.

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