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An Unusual Request

As some of you already know, I have battling for almost three years to be approved for disability benefits. I have recently lost round 4 of the fight, having been once again turned down after a hearing before an administrative law judge. I have decided, therefore, despite testimony and medical evidence that I cannot perform any duties associated with prior employment positions for sufficient hours to maintain any acceptable standard of living, to suspend any future plans for appeal and will endeavor to forge some sort of living while limiting my activities so as to not endanger my health. The stress of this whole process is exacerbating my condition and I must find another way.

For the past few years I have been building a reputation as a respected crochet designer and instructor. While this has never provided sufficient income to sustain me, it has supplemented other assistance I have been receiving. That assistance is coming to an end and I must change course. So, I will be attempting to support myself solely from teaching and designing. If all goes to plan, I can manage with 5-10 hours of week teaching each week and then using  home time to devote to my designs, at my leisure.

All of this brings me to my unusual request. Much of my work in designing is done on the computer. I have a very reliable desktop  which is serving me well. However, it would be a great help to me to have access to a notebook or netbook computer which could travel with me on public transportation en route to and waiting for weekly medical appointments. It need not be anything fancy… Word, email and internet access would see me through.

If any of you envision upgrading your current notebook or netbook equipment in the near future, please think of me when deciding where to recycle. I would be most grateful.


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