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New day, new horizon.

As I prepare to turn another page in my much too interesting life, I am reminded of something I read in, of all places, a Facebook profile. Do not be concerned with those from your past; there is a reason they are not in your present.

I am most guilty of trying to hold on to relationships which have long since evolved to simply pleasant memories. I guess it could be tied to not being altogether happy  with the current situation, whenever in life that happened to be. Perhaps it is another twist on the “grass in greener” adage. Everything, every time looks better than what we see if the present offers  challenges we’d rather not meet.

So often I have sought out old friends, folks who have long since passed from my everyday life. But, in reality, the effort always proves unproductive and unsatisfying; people, places and situations change and the past refuses to be relived. So, all we really have to hang our hats on is the present and all the present has to offer us. We have to play the hand we are dealt today. Yesterday is, and must remain, in the past. Such a lesson is hard-learned by me. I guess that makes me human.


Deadine met; angst continues.

I met my deadline for the reworked vest  pattern with 24 hours to spare. It looks like this one is a “go”. 12 weeks of my life gone but the design is done.

It seems that I will be moving soon. I have been here for over six years and I was hoping that my roots here were secure. But, as they say on the streets were I live:  “Shit happens!” No details are necessary; let’s just say that I have been placed in an untenable position and staying put is not one of my options. Because of the ever-present financial considerations, the move will most likely not happen until September. I do have a place in mind. I just need to say “yes” to the offer. It is the best solution. I will use these few weeks to get all my ducks in a row.

I have been teaching a parent/child beginning crochet class for the past two weeks; the 3rd and final session is this Sunday. I have really surprised myself at the patience I have mustered teaching 9 year-old girls. As I had anticipated, the girls learned much faster than their mothers. I am scheduled to teach a class on cables this Saturday at a different yarn store, but I am not hopeful it will actually happen. It’s so hard to find students for advanced work. I don’t know whether it’s a matter of finances, skill or time, but crochet is a hard sell in this neck of the woods. I am going to teach a class next month which I hope will have greater appeal ..”Crochet for Knitters”. So many knitting patterns these days use crocheted edgings. I am forever giving quickie lessons at the Fiber Artist Friday session I host once monthly. I think this class will be popular.

I won a few ribbons at a couple local county fairs; one more to go then I’m done with competitions for the year. It’s getting late so I won’t go into detail. More on that next time.

Long day for me tomorrow.

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