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Walk for Air

Please indulge me a few minutes of your time. Let’s do an exercise together.  It will demonstrate the battle and struggle I and many others often have to endure. OK, take a deep breath and hold it to the count of 15.  Now, without exhaling, take another equally deep breath.  Difficult? You bet it is.  This is the sensation of the asthma attack . This is the challenge I would face daily without a medicine chest filled with drugs, many of which were developed through the perseverance and dedication of the American Lung Association.
On October 2,  I will walk on Treasure Island, San Francisco, in support of and in thanks to the American Lung Association.  Won’t you join me in spirit?  Won’t you consider a pledge of any amount in your support of me and celebrate with me that I am able to make this walk unassisted and without pause?  Won’t you say “thank you” with me for the great work of the American Lung Association?  I greatly appreciate your support. The following link will take you to my donation page.

Fight for Air Walk


Aran Pullover – Large Sizes

Finally, I have completed the pattern for the large sizes (2XL-5XL) of the Aran Pullover. Check it out on the web site: Hookerbear Creations

I am working at a frantic pace to finish up the Spring into Spring Twin Set and a Cardigan redesign of  the Aran Pullover. Stay tuned!

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