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Going out of business

I have just received a reminder that the domain is due to be renewed on September 5. I was mistaken in believing it was to expire in December. Therefore:, both the website and the domain, will disappear from the internet as of September 5. I have decided that I will indeed get out of the  self -publishing business. As such, all my patterns will be reworked with new yarns and will be tweaked a bit and updated and proposed to various publications, yarn companies etc. So, my patterns, as they are currently written, will no  longer be available individually or as a group after September 5. Could you please spread the word? This is truly the end of the line. Hookerbear Creations



Four More Months of Hookerbear…

then he is gone forever. Both my domain and website will expire at the end of  the year and I am happy to let both of them disappear into the ether. However, until that time, my patterns will remain for sale…1/2 price for each, or $25 for the whole kit and caboodle.  Will I may find another home to sell my patterns, there is no guarantee that will happen and, if it does, prices will definitely go up. So, here is your final chance to get that pattern you’ve been eying.  Hookerbear Creations will soon go up in smoke.

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