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New Direction

I have come to the conclusion that it is, indeed, a good time to spruce up my image with new branding. Taking the suggestions of many of you, following is a poll offering a few options of where I could go. I’d like to get your opinion. Let’s see how it goes.


What day is this?

I arrived home last evening after four days away at Stitches West in Santa Clara…..four days of non-stop craziness.  I wore three hats over the weekend….overseeing an information booth for Warm Up America, signing copies of my Kraemer Yarns patterns at the Piedmont Yarn and Apparel booth, and promoting myself and my designs to various yarn company reps in attendance. I am fortunate to have come home with one new relationship finalized with Cascade Yarns and valuable preliminary discussions with two other yarn companies. It was a great experience, but I am absolutely, positively and undeniably exhausted.

In light of everything that is happening and a broadening exposure in this whacky business, I have begun to reexamine my choice of brands. Hookerbear was fun and catchy when I started in the business, but I wonder if maybe it’s time to go in another direction before  it is too late to change. As it is, email sent from my hookerbear address often gets caught up in spam and junk filters and I am concerned that “hooker” is too objectionable in certain circles. I still love the name but I love my job even more. If a change in branding will present me in a better light, then, perhaps it is time to move in another direction.

So, I have decided to let you, my readers, friends and customers help me decide upon a new name for my design business. Here are a few facts about me which might prove helpful in your suggestions:

My full name is Peter Anthony Damian Franzi. I am of Cajun and Italian extraction. I sing semi-professionally. I am a baritone. I am crazy about baseball..Go Giants!. While I have lived all over these United States, I have spent most of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a BA in Classical Languages and an MA in Theology. I have also worked as a hotel desk clerk,  a customer service rep, an investment analyst, a massage therapist and a priest.  I have never been married. I hate to fly. Roller coasters make me violently ill.  Benjamin Britten is my favorite composer. Samuel Ramey is my hero. I hate sardines. Pasta is my downfall. I want to be Lily Chin when  I grow up.

That should give you all a notion of where my head is, but don’t limit yourself to use of these facts.  I think my designs speak for themselves. Any suggestions? The submitter of the chosen brand will win a copy of my recently completed Aran cardigan pattern along with $50 worth of Kraemer yarn. Contest closes March 15.  Suggestions should be sent to

This should be fun.

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