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Chain Link

Every year, around this time of year, I promise myself that I will attend the CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) Chain Link National Conference in the following summer and every  year I stay in California. It has become clear to me that to prove my status and credentials as a legitimate and respected designer, I must be a presence at the conference. But, because the conference has always been held on the East Coast (and is not likely to move elsewhere)  I have not been able to manage the finances to make it happen.

I’m hoping this time will be different. I am setting aside 15% of funds I receive from each class I teach and each pattern I sell. I am cutting costs everywhere around me. I am moving to cheaper housing. And, I am setting up a special fund at Paypal to accommodate anyone wishing to donate to my cause. You can see the Paypal Donation button to the right of  this posting. I will be exceedingly grateful to anyone who assists me on  my trip.  If you appreciate my designs, if you enjoy working my patterns, if you have followed my career from the beginning, please take this journey with me.


It's official!

The county fair season in my neck of the woods is over. I entered my stuff in three of them. Here are the results are:

Swellegant Elegance   – Contra Costa County – 1st,  Alameda County – 3rd, San Mateo County – X

Shifting Sands – Contra Costa County – 2nd,  Alameda County – X,  San Mateo County – 1st

Men’s Cabled Pullover   – Contra Costa County – X ,  Alameda County – 2nd,  San Mateo County – 3rd

Cluster Hooded Scarf   – Contra Costa County – 3rd,  Alameda County – X,  San Mateo County – 2nd

It would be interesting to know the judges’ credentials and the criteria on which they judge. The critiques for each item run from the basically useful to unbelievably off-the wall. In judging the Shifting Sands, the judge at the Alameda fair determined that the yarn I used was elaboration or explanation. Funny that the other two judges had no such observation and, indeed, awarded it with high placement. Go figure.

I have decided that I will no longer enter county fair competitions. Not that I don’t enjoy it or because of sour grapes ( it would be nice to place high on everything..but that’s not the point!) It’s simply a matter of fairness and because I have belatedly discovered that the competitions are solely (unless otherwise stipulated) for amateurs.  I am a crochet instructor and published designer. My professional status last year was debatable…this year undeniable. I get paid to crochet. So, unless the field is open or is for professionals only,   I have retired from competition. A sad day.

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