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Believe it or not!

I celebrate 8 years of crocheting today. It sometimes seems like I have been hooking all my life (get your minds out of the gutter!) yet it is just these few short years. I remember thinking, as I stared at the tutorials online, that I was never going to figure how to manage this craft. And, since I had no instructor to call upon when difficulties arose, I managed to learn quite a few elements incorrectly. For one, I was placing all my stitches in the back loop only. I recall thinking that my mother’s crochet didn’t have these ridges. It was weeks before I relented to read the instructions again (yes, I am a very stubborn person) to find my error. Also, I taught myself to form the double crochet (dc) erroneously. I was actually stitching the extended, or Elmore, dc. It’s amazing what one little extra yarn over (yo) can do to wreck havoc on gauge :mrgreen:

So, here I am in 2009: a published designer and the crochet instructor at three yarn stores. Who’d a-thunk it? Indeed, crochet has become my life. Truth be told, I nearly gave up the effort after spending my first two hours attempting to make a chain. I came close to missing out on the joy I now experience in my craft. What more can one ask of life than to be able to do what brings happiness and to get paid for it, to boot?

I am in great need of an experienced web designer who is willing to work for peanuts (or patterns 😆 ). My business web site is woefully lacking and I really must have a more professional presence online. If there is any kind-hearted soul who is willing to lend a hand, please give a holler!

I have a new pattern which is nearing final copy. It is cotton sweater in women’s plus sizes.


The pattern is now available for pre-order at Cotton Sweater for the discounted price of $5.00. Next on the agenda for completion: a Basket weave men’s vest and a men’s vest based in my Gatsby Sweater pattern.


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