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Shifting Sands Shell

Hi Folks:

I have emerged from my disappointment over the hassle with the sweater vest to plow back into projects which were put on hold for the past few weeks. I an very near completion of the Shifting Sands Shell pattern for Women’s sizes XS-L. As a matter of fact, if all goes as planned, the pattern will be available on June 10. While unforeseen circumstances could delay publication (the polar icecaps could melt, California could break away from the continent and sink, I could finally lose what’s left of my mind!), I am confident that date will be met. So, until publication date, the pattern is offered to my subscribers at a pre-order price of $5.00. Please go to Shifting Sands Pre-order to take advantage of the reduced price. As a reminder, here’s a photo (also clickable)

Next on my agenda is the sizing of the Swellegant Elegance Cotton Top for sizes XS-L (1X-5X is already available on my website, Hookerbear Creations). I anticipate that pattern being ready by mid-July.
Thanks to all who have already pre-ordered the Swellegant Elegance and the Shifting Sands (when it was called Shimmering Shells)patterns. You patience is greatly appreciated. You all know how much I value your continued support and encouragement.


Close, but no cigar!

It hardly seems possible that it has been over one month since I last wrote to you. It has not been time spent idly, I must tell you. About ten days prior to my last entry brought a new assignment from a major crochet magazine. I was asked to design a pullover vest based upon my Kilroy sweater. I worked feverishly trying to make this work, but the time frame was not favorable to a successful completion of the project. I was able to finish the model, but the pattern itself was woefully impossible to write. Try as I could while rapidly approaching my deadline, I just couldn’t corral all the sizing into a readable, accessible format without running way over my space allotment. Alas, the pattern was rejected…at this time!

After a brief, but helpful, discussion with the editor, I will be redoing the vest, changing the look drastically, though still retaining the stitch pattern in places, and substituting solid bands of color at points where the stitch pattern proved to be problematic. I think it will work. I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, nothing else on my plate was touched. The Shifting Sands Top pattern is still in progress, as is the regular sizes of the Swellegant Elegance. I had hoped to make the latter available tomorrow, but so much time has elapsed since I last worked the pattern, I may well have to work up another model to get a better handle of the sizing challenges. Again, I’ll let you know. The Shifting Sands is a bit easier to replicate. As a matter of fact, the owner of the LYS where I teach has asked that I make one for her. The pattern is mostly written but I will take the opportunity to tweak the instructions a bit. So the Shifting Sands should be available by next weekend.

The difficult experience with the “Kilroy” vest project has soured me on continuing work on the other two vests I had in the works. I may come back eventually, but, for now, the Basket Weave Vest and the vest based upon the “Gatsby” pattern are no longer in progress and I have ripped both. The yarn is waiting for more inspiration.

In the few days since the “Kilroy” disappointment I have completed work on the revisions to my web site. Nothing fancy, mind you, but a bit more pleasing to the eye. Stop by, if you wish, at Hookerbear Creations.

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Happy Memorial Day!

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