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Let’s make things perfectly clear

The Orlando massacre was a Hate Crime, plain and simple. In order to further fuel Islamophobia, the media, the politicians and religious right may spin this otherwise: that this was a terrorist attack. . There is no evidence that this was neither ISIS nor Taliban inspired, encouraged or endorsed. The man had shown history of mental illness and steroid use. He had demonstrated his hatred of same sex relationships. He became unhinged and, in his state of extreme hatred, he entered a Gay club in Orlando and began shooting, killing 49 and wounding many more. This was not a terrorist attack. It was a hate crime. It was a crime intended to kill as many in the LGBT community as possible, using an assault rifle. Do not be fooled. Do not succumb to the lies from the Right. If you disagree with me, despite the facts, well…it’s a free country. You, are, however, not allowed to post the disagreement here. To do so would demonstrate a direct betrayal of me and all for which I stand and you will be out of my life.

Sitting here, paralyzed by life, is not doing anyone any good. I have obligations, commitments, promises to keep. I need to open the door and face the realty of the day. Though 49 lives no longer enjoy the breath of life, I cannot die while mourning them. Change comes with action, not acquiescence. I need air.

If praying makes you feel better, useful,  knock yourself out. But, don’t pray for me. Pray for the intolerant, for the warmongers, for those who have the power to make changes, but refuse to do so, for the many for whom the death of someone gay is one less pervert in the world. Pray for those who believe that, somehow, a moment of silence will somehow compensate for a generation of inaction. Pray for peace, understanding, patience and respect. But, don’t pray for me. I need your strength, not your well-wishes.


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