Citius, Altius, Fortius

Ok. So I admit I was sorely disappointed that my class proposals for this summer’s Chain Link conference were not accepted.  Not only will I miss those teaching experiences, but the instructor reimbursement would have gone a long way in enabling me to actually afford to go.  But that’s OK.  I’m going to make it happen.  The opportunity for networking alone will make the trip worthwhile.

In the meantime,  I am adequately busy teaching crochet at two Oakland yarn shops, reaching between 15-20 students per month. How exciting is that? Teaching is the perfect outlet for me to express my love and passion for crochet. I am fortunate to be a clear and effective instructor and many of my students leave my classes sharing my passion. I have also been taking on a number of private students. One-on-one is, of course, my favorite method of teaching as an individualized approach is, for me, always preferred.

All in all, while it has been a struggle for these many years, my hard work is finally beginning to pay off and I can actually see the end of the tunnel in terms of making crochet a viable means of income. As I approach my 60th birthday, I am gratified that, finally, I have found my niche. Now, if only I live to 100………


1 Response to “Citius, Altius, Fortius”

  1. 1 ladyjeanette
    February 23, 2010 at 11:43 am


    You turned this recent negative disappointment into all the positives in your life!!! Many Kudos for doing this:) You are counting your blessings as well. You pet a BIG PAT ON THE BACK from me for having the patience to teach others your talent. I’ve tried to teach others who asked this of me, but they chose not to listen to the part about how very difficult this craft is to learn. Your blessings are your students making beautiful things through the art of crochet. How very fortunate they are for you being their instructor.

    These students have the patience the majority of people who think they want to learn don’t have. Kudos to them for this and practice, practice, practice to learn this art.

    I am once again reminded of how very proud I am of you.

    Your Forever Fan in Jefferson City, Missouri,


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