At long last

OK.  So I’m really not surprised. I’ve known for months that my new men’s vest pattern, the Key Tab Pullover Vest,  would appear in the latest issue of  Crochet! Magazine!. Indeed, I have seen the previews online and even subscribe to the digital version of the magazine so I really do know that it’s there. Yet, when my hard copy arrived in the mail this morning, I  found myself madly paging through the book to where I knew the pattern should/would be to assure myself that is was actually there.

Not that I am some world-famous designer with throngs of followers, but I have been published before.  I should be used to seeing my work and name in print by now. Yet, it is still a thrill and always resurrects my feelings of wonder and amazement that I can actually DO this. It is only nine years ago when I first put hook to yarn in total confusion and dismay. What was I thinking? How could I have think that these clumsy, aging hands would ever be able to produce anything to rival my mother’s crochet? But I persevered and my portfolio of original designs is testament to my ever-growing ability to produce garments that folks actually appreciate. It is all overwhelming a times.

My students often are astonished when I tell them that I make my living from crochet. Truth be told, I am astonished. Yet, for the first time in my life, I actually love my job. Crochet is never going to make me a wealthy man, but as long as I can get by, I’ll be happy.

Now it’s time for our commercial break. 🙂 I have recently completed the pattern for the Shifting Sands Shell in sizes XS-L.

Shifting Sands Shell

I am very proud of this design.  I hope you all will enjoy working it. This, as well as all my other designs, is available on my newly re-designed web site,  Hookerbear Creations.

Happy Thursday.


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