So many tasks, so little time.

I am currently on a frantic pace to achieve an ambitious goal by January 1, 2010.  For the past few years, while maintaining a modest income from crochet, I  have been dependent on backup funding to keep the USS Franzi afloat. Well, I am pulling the plug on that funding at the end of the year so I will be 100% at the mercy of my income from designing and teaching. I have been strengthening my class schedule at two LYS as well as finalizing patterns which have been in progress for some time. I host a crochet circle for four hours every Tuesday at Piedmont Yarn and Apparel (where I also teach) and have many items on consignment there. Taking up much of my time is moving my web site to a new host and a complete revamping of its content. Some of you have come to find this blog in its new location, a move necessitated by the move to the new web host. I apologize for the bare bones nature of the blog.  I will spiff it up as time allows. Please bear with me.

I also have some thoughts to share regarding the current brouhaha within certain CGOA discussion boards pertaining to national conference site selection. However, though many of you already are aware of my position on this issue, I want to take  little time to refine my thinking before I commit word to print. I have not, and will not, contribute to the current discussions; previous participation has  landed me in the dog house with CGOA powers-that-be. To be quite frank, I am shocked that the discussion has been allowed to continue this far. In the past, no discussion of CGOA board decisions or, indeed, any business of the organization has been permitted. At one time, a few years ago, members who dissented were either banned or placed on moderation.

All that being said, I will wait until my mind is clearer to offer my opinion. I will do  so in my little corner of the world without threat of disapprobation. That is, of course, unless someone decides  to tattle on me, as also has happened in the past. Thank goodness for Freedom of the Press, as retrictive as it sometimes is.


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