It's official!

The county fair season in my neck of the woods is over. I entered my stuff in three of them. Here are the results are:

Swellegant Elegance   – Contra Costa County – 1st,  Alameda County – 3rd, San Mateo County – X

Shifting Sands – Contra Costa County – 2nd,  Alameda County – X,  San Mateo County – 1st

Men’s Cabled Pullover   – Contra Costa County – X ,  Alameda County – 2nd,  San Mateo County – 3rd

Cluster Hooded Scarf   – Contra Costa County – 3rd,  Alameda County – X,  San Mateo County – 2nd

It would be interesting to know the judges’ credentials and the criteria on which they judge. The critiques for each item run from the basically useful to unbelievably off-the wall. In judging the Shifting Sands, the judge at the Alameda fair determined that the yarn I used was inappropriate..no elaboration or explanation. Funny that the other two judges had no such observation and, indeed, awarded it with high placement. Go figure.

I have decided that I will no longer enter county fair competitions. Not that I don’t enjoy it or because of sour grapes ( it would be nice to place high on everything..but that’s not the point!) It’s simply a matter of fairness and because I have belatedly discovered that the competitions are solely (unless otherwise stipulated) for amateurs.  I am a crochet instructor and published designer. My professional status last year was debatable…this year undeniable. I get paid to crochet. So, unless the field is open or is for professionals only,   I have retired from competition. A sad day.


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