I'm back!

First of all, I want to take this time to thank all of you who sent well wishes, good thoughts and positive energy my way in regards to my recent medical issues. I am happy to report that everything is where it should be and is in working order (as much as a 58-year-old body can be in working order!). I have been on pins and needles for the past 2 weeks awaiting test results. Mercifully, I can now get on with my life and finish some projects.

Still on my hooks are the Basket Weave Vest, the women’s top in that interesting stitch pattern I shared with you a few weeks ago and, most recently, another women’s top done in some fabulous yarn I was able to acquire through happy circumstance.

A few weeks ago, while attending a local S&B, I met a woman, Nancy Roberts, who owns a yarn dyeing and machine knitting business, Machine Knitting to Dye for. She cleverly has devised a procedure whereby she machine knits undyed yarn into long swatches of fabric, then dyes the fabric. The effect is a colorway with longer incidences of each color than one usually finds in an ombre or variegated yarn. She mentioned to me, the only crocheter in the group, that she had always wondered how her yarn would look in a crocheted design. I, of course, volunteered to alleviate her wonder. To make a long story short, I was invited to her studio to choose my yarn and my colors that very week. I found a lushious silk/wool blend in lace weight which took my breath away. I poured over her color sample books until I stopped on a gorgeous colorway of golds and browns. This yarn is so pretty. Take a look for yourself.

The image really doesn’t adequately capture the subtlety of color changes in the fabric. I am stitching a double strand of this lace weight yarn with a D hook. This may take a while to complete, but I think it may well be worth the wait.


I am in the process of a complete redesign of my web site. This will take some time :-)In the meantime, all patterns are half price until the end of the year. The paypal code has been modified to reflect the reduced prices. While I still plan to make the 2007-2008 patterns available, they will be archived to make room for lots of new goodies.
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