Basket weave Pullover

I FINALLY finished the basket weave pullover yesterday. Now, I have to size the pattern. Luckily the back and sleeves are identical to the hoodie, so I won’t have to re-invent the wheel. I love designing but, by golly, I HATE pattern writing. No matter how careful I am, not matter how many times I check my calculations, no matter how many other folks proofread the pattern no matter how many times, I am always stuck with the embarrassment of issuing errata. I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!!!!!!!!

My one wish in this career of mine, such as it is, it to be able, at some point, to hire someone to write out my patterns. But, I think pigs will fly sooner. I am lucky that I have someone reliable and willing to proofread my stuff. I wish I were able to provide better compensation than simply a copy of the pattern. I need to do better than that.

All of a sudden, I am being deluged with requests for crochet classes. Why this sudden interest in beyond me. I have been advertising with little success for almost three years. Now, I have to carefully schedule lest I overbook my time. No complaints, mind you. I love teaching; and the money ain’t bad, either!

My little chapter of Crochet Guild of America is entertaining the idea of hosting a gathering of other local (SF Bay Area/N. California) chapters for a day of classes, networking and socializing. If any of you are nearby and would be interested in such an event, let me know. We’re looking at next spring (late April/early May) as a possibility. It should be a lot of fun.


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